Live Preview: A Game-Changer for Building Experiences

This groundbreaking feature to our platform makes creating experiences easier and faster than ever before. The "Side-by-Side Preview" allows you to preview changes to your experience without publishing it. The live preview adapts in real-time as you tweak component options, styles, and ordering, making your workflow smoother and more efficient than ever.

This new feature not only enhances your design process but also streamlines your workflow. No more back-and-forth between editing and previewing your experience. You can now make decisions on the spot, saving you valuable time and effort.

New and Improved Component Options Panel

We’ve made a few exciting updates to the component options panel. Expect to see: 

  • More intuitive controls. You’ll see updated, easy-to-interpret controls for text alignment, flex options, and more.
  • Better groupings for component settings. Now, component styles are grouped into several categories: Component Configurations, Typography, Size & Spacing, Border & Background, and Display Settings. 

More User-Friendly Component Tree

Get ready to drag and drop components in the Experience Studio like never before! We’ve made several improvements to the component tree:

  • Right-click Menu. Right clicking on components will open a new context menu where you can take actions on your components individually or in bulk.
  • New Drag and Nesting Indicators. You can now better see what location you are moving components to.
  • Bulk Move components. Now you can reorganize your components in bulk by moving more than one component at a time.
  • Drag Components directly from the Component Bank. Users can now drag components directly into the tree from the component bank.
Oct 26, 2023



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