Activations: Number of objects with at least one interaction in a given time period. 

(Status): The mTAG has been encoded, embedded, enabled and the object is live.

: A software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other.

Asset Type
: An object attribute. A physical asset where the NFC or QR is affixed to a physical thing, such as a product, product packaging, a bus shelter, etc.

Asset ID
: An object attribute. The ID to specify the specific project of an Asset Type.


Campaign: Campaigns are containers that hold one or more Creatives and their associated reporting. The Campaign category will soon be deprecated. 

: Building blocks of the Studio Palette.  

: A subset of engagements that are in-line with project KPIs. 

: Cascading Style Sheets, is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language like HTML. The CSS Box Model explains how HTML elements are visually constructed. Pixel guidelines, TRBL - Top, Right, Bottom, Left.

Custom Tag Data
: Customer defined attributes in an object’s data, allowing you to create additional descriptive fields.


Dashboard: The space where you can view, edit and manage your objects, as well as view an overview of analytics.

Defective (Status): The object or mTAG isn't working properly. 

Demo (Status): The mTAG is being used simply for demonstration purposes.

DMA: Designated market area in the United States.


Enabled: The physical object, associated with its digital identity, is hosting live content, such as a URL redirect or mobile Experience.

End User: The individual viewing and interacting with an Experience.

Engagement: End user action on a mobile web page. 

Event Category (Google Analytics): The  name of the Component being interacted with.

Event Action (Google Analytics): What type of action occurs when the given Component is activated.

Event Label (Google Analytics): The URL where that action leads.

Experience: Mobile web page built in the Studio.


Fallback:  A default value. In macro syntax, fallback values are indicated with a double pipe ||, called the fallback operator. This macro includes a fallback: {{ tag:data:custom_property || "fallback value" }}.

Fallback Experience: The Experience displayed if an mTAG object is improperly configured or if there is no Studio file associated with it.


Hex Color Code: Code for specifying color using hexadecimal values. Beginning with (#) and followed by six values, the hex code refers typically to RGB color.


Inactive (Status): The mTAG is not enabled and is no longer hosting live Experiences.

Interaction: Single QR scan, NFC tap, or URL visit within a given time period. 

Inventory (Status): The mTAG is not yet enabled.


Macro: Macros are short commands used in Blue Bite Studio fields that return associated data or values when the Experience is rendered on an end user’s phone. 

Macro Operator: The macro operator {{ }} indicates that text inside double curly braces should be treated as an expression and not as a string literal. 

Metadata: The text that displays in the browser tab. 

mTAG: Stands for Mobile Tag and is an assigned digital ID that is affixed to its physical object via a connecting technology like QR codes and NFC tags. The mTAG ID is featured in both numerical (8 digit) and short code (5 character) formats.


NFC: Near Field Communication is a technology standard based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) that does not require an internal power source to function and can transmit information wirelessly over small distances.


Outventory (Status): The mTAGs are being shipped by the manufacturer and have not yet been enabled or embedded.


Palette: Houses the building blocks to your mobile Experience in the Studio editor. 

: View the content assigned to the object.


QR: Quick Response Code or QR Code is a barcode that can be scanned with a phone camera. It stores small strings of information, usually a URL, enabling access to web content.


Status: Status of object. Useful for object management. 

String Literal:
A string literal is a sequence of zero or more characters enclosed within quotation marks. 

: Blue Bite’s mobile Experience builder that provides the tools to bring rich content directly to the end user. 

Studio File
: Each new Experience configuration is called a Studio file and will have its own Name, Description, and ID.


Tracking ID: Google Analytics Tracking Code (e.g.: UA-000000000-0).


UID: The alphanumeric unique identifier of an individual NFC tag that cannot be erased or modified.


Vandalized (Status): The mTAGs have been tampered with and are no longer working as expected. 

Venue Type: An object attribute. The type of venue where the object is located, e.g. taxi. 

Venue Name
: An object attribute. The name of the venue where the object is located, e.g. NYC taxi. 

A type of NFC authenticator.


Wrappers: Containers for Components in the Studio Palette which add special features that provide styling and utility.