One of the best ways to see what Blue Bite-powered digital experiences can do for you is to dive into an example and see how brands use dynamic digital experiences to digitalize physical products, connect directly with consumers and add value to products.

To that end, we’ve put together example experiences for you to explore. Best of all, these serve as templates you can customize to use as a basis for your own great experiences.

Launch this example experience — which features the CPG brand Happy Acre — by scanning the QR code below, and read on for more on how this example experience adds value to products.

A New Way to Tell Your Story

This experience for Happy Acre chips illustrates how large CPG brands can digitalize their packaging to better connect with consumers directly, even though their products are sold through retailers. This opens up not only storytelling options, but also product commerce opportunities.

Product-Specific Experience

Because Blue Bite-powered experiences are contextual based upon the specific product scanned, consumers automatically recognize that the experience is personalized to them when they see their specific variety of chips at the top of the experience. 

Sell Direct

And because the experience recognizes the product, that personalization allows Happy Acre to make a relevant product offer right off the bat, offering a subscription of the product the brand already knows the consumer enjoys. 

Happy Acre has now enabled product commerce, selling directly to the consumer through the product itself. And even though the product was purchased from a retailer, the brand can now sell directly to the consumer.

A New Kind of Connection

And the experience goes far beyond simply turning the product into a new sales channel — it enables the brand to use the power of storytelling to connect with consumers like they’ve never been able to before. 

Previously, the brand lost touch with their product as soon as it was shipped to a retailer, relying on secondhand data to know how consumers engaged with the product (if they received any engagement information at all).

Now CPG brands have the opportunity to connect directly and see how their products are used by the end consumer. This example experience highlights a few ways these connections can take place, and we explore them in detail below.

The Story of Your Product

“Meet the Farmer Who Grew Your Bag.” Not just any bag, not a conglomerate of potato growers, but the farmer that grew the specific bag you’re about to enjoy. This is not only a way for large brands to open a door into how they sustainably and ethically produce their products, but also an avenue to make brands that previously may have seemed impersonal meet the consumer on a one-to-one level.

Video that Gets Noticed

Many large brands — CPG brands specifically — have large social media followings but low engagement rates. So content shared on social media — like videos — all too often get lost in the noise.

The connection established in a Blue Bite-powered experience allows you to deliver videos directly to consumers, sans all that noise. Watch the engagement rates soar.

*Note: though the video in the template is a static image for illustrative purposes, you’ll be able to replace with an embedded video when you build your version of this experience.

Get Consumers Involved

And the connection doesn’t stop at the digital content. In this example, Happy Acre brings their connection into the real world by encouraging consumers to schedule a tour with a call to action.

Because Blue Bite experiences are contextual based on location, when a consumer taps “Schedule Now,” they will automatically be shown the tour location nearest them. This is yet another way experiences can be personalized at scale without the need for additional coding.

A Photo Gallery for More Information

Photo galleries are a great way to show off your products, and are even better when you can attach them to links to provide the consumer more value and more incentive to get involved.

Happy Acre does this with chip recipes. Using a delicious looking image not only encourages users to tap, it also encourages return visits to the experience (and return purchases) as they look to create more of the recipes offered in the future. 

This is the beginning of a long term connection CPG brands haven’t had access to before.

Notes About This Example Experience

The following is a list of assets you'll need to replace in this template to customize it for your brand. Contact us for more on how to access and customize this template.

  • Background image*
  • Social media links*
  • Video embed link (change from current Image component)
  • Photos to use in the bottom gallery
  • Other story and CTA information, if applicable

*Note: the background image and buttons in this example are hosted elsewhere, and the buttons utilize a macro.

Jun 25, 2020
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