What type of physical objects can I enable with Blue Bite?

You can enable any physical object associated with your brand. Whether that is your product, packaging, signage or promotional materials,  you’re building a new communication channel directly with your consumers by digitalizing your physical assets and bringing them to life.

How does NFC work?

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a thin, flexible, technology that requires no batteries to function. Blue Bite uses NFC as a connecting technology to digitalize physical objects. For more information see The Complete Guide to NFC.

What devices can read NFC?

Both iPhone and Android devices support NFC without the need for a third party app. For a complete breakdown see the iPhone Compatibility Guide and the Android Compatibility Guide.

What is your privacy policy?

What kind of interaction data is stored?

Blue Bite only stores non-Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

How long is interaction data saved?

Non-PII data stored by Blue Bite (non PII) will be stored forever. The data is encrypted during transit using SSL (AES-256) and stored using industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm.

Do you save cookies?

Yes, we store first-party cookies, including: device user agent, last interaction time, number of interactions and objects a device has interacted with.


How do I log-in?

Log in to the Dashboard with your email and password. If you do not have an account and are interested in learning more, request a demo.

How can I reset my password?

You can reset your password by clicking on the Forgot Password button on the log in page, or by following this link: Forgot Password.

Why is my account locked?

As a security measure, your account will be locked after five unsuccessful login attempts. To regain access, simply reset your account password.


What is an mTAG?

mTAG stands for Mobile Tag, and it is an assigned digital ID that is affixed to its physical object via a connecting technology like QR codes and NFC tags. It is a gateway for your customers to access your content.

I have an NFC tag and/or a QR code, how can I find the mTAG ID?

If the mTAG is set to the fallback experience, all you need to do is tap/scan it and it will show you the ID. If you can't access the fallback experience, or if the tag is redirecting to a different URL, you'll need an app to scan the code. For NFC chips we recommend NFC TagInfo by NXP; for QR codes we recommend Decode IoT. The encoded URL on the chip or QR code should be in the format: https://mtag.io/n12345 (NFC) or https://mtag.io/q12345 (QR). Simply copy and paste the "12345" part of that URL and search for it in the mTAG table in the Dashboard.

Can I edit multiple mTAGs at once in the Dashboard?

Yes. Objects can be edited in batches. Select multiple mTAG IDs in the Dashboard and click on Options followed by Batch Edit. When batch editing multiple objects, if an attribute field displays a value of “mixed,” this indicates that values vary amongst selected objects. Leave the attribute as “mixed” to keep the current values unchanged. Alternatively, you may enter a new value to change across all selected objects.

Why are all my interaction types Preview and not NFC/QR?

Interaction types are based on the technology prefix after the mtag.io/https://mtag.io/<technology-prefix><mTAG-short-id> Example: https://mtag.io/p00000Here are the four main technology prefixes:

QR - https://mtag.io/ q <mTAG-short-id>
NFC - https://mtag.io/ n <mTAG-short-id>
URL - https://mtag.io/ u <mTAG-short-id>
Preview - https://mtag.io/ p <mTAG-short-id>

If you share a link with mtag.io/p all interactions will be classified as preview.

How do I encode Blue Bite URLs to NFC tags?

See “How To Encode Multiple NFC Inlays” for a step-by-step guide.

How do I generate more Blue Bite URLs for my objects?

Please contact support@bluebite.com to request more objects.


What kind of analytics and/or reporting can I expect?

We provide real-time statistics on Interactions, and Google Analytics is supported in Experiences. See “Dashboard” for more information on viewing analytics on Blue Bite’s Platform. See “Analytics” for how to enable Google Analytics in an Experience.

Can I get a soft copy of all the interactions in my account?

Yes. This data can be exported in both .csv and .pdf formats. Navigate to the Dashboard, click on the “Last 7 Days” button at the upper right corner, select your timeframe and export options.

Where can I view interactions for an individual object?

Select the mTAG ID of the individual object you would like more details on, scroll down and expand the Analytics drop-down. You can change the date range, view the map of interactions and export the interaction data, just as you can export interactions data on the Dashboard tab for all objects in your network.

Experience Studio

What is the Experience Studio?

Fundamentally a website builder, the Blue Bite Studio makes it fast and easy to build Experiences that deliver content directly to your consumers when they tap or scan your objects. In the Studio, you can create mobile web pages that leverage your existing content, set content logic (based on product data, location information and more), capture leads with form-entry capabilities, and much more.

What are Experiences?

Experiences are dynamic mobile web pages built in the Studio and accessed by consumers through scanning NFC, QR or other connected technologies embedded on your products.

How can I log in to the Experience Studio?

Access here or, when logged into the Dashboard, select the Studio tab at the top of the screen. Use the same credentials to access both the Dashboard and Studio.

I made an Experience in the Studio, how do I get it to show up on my object?

Select the object’s mTAG ID in the Dashboard, click Edit, and choose your preferred Experience under the Studio Experience field. See “Dashboard” for more information on assigning and previewing Experiences.

Why is the preview button in the studio showing incorrect content?

The Studio preview button only shows the default content of the experience. For a fully accurate preview, assign your Studio file to an object and use the preview button on the mTAG Dashboard. To preview directly on a mobile device, scan the QR code in the object detail view in the Dashboard. See “Dashboard” for more information on assigning and previewing Experiences.

How do I see if users clicked on features within my Experience?

The Studio integrates with Google Analytics (GA) to provide a free and easy way to track user engagements within Experiences. With our GA integration, you can track actions down to the object level: including Image, Button and Action components. Data such as time on page, sessions, average session duration, average page views and more, can also be tracked.

Learn how to add GA to your Experiences

How can I add my entire Instagram feed to an Experience?

You can only embed one post in your Experience, as Instagram does not allow your entire feed or IGTV post embeds. As an alternate option, you can use an image or button to link out to your Instagram page. For more information on how to use the Instagram component in the Studio, see “Components”.

How will images in my Experience look on different phone sizes?

When building your Experience, all images uploaded will be responsive to varying phone sizes. The Studio automatically scales all content to the width of the device. For example, if you compare an image on an iPhone X vs. the iPhone XS Max the content will be in the same place and have the same proportion of the screen. What differs from device to device is the length of the page. Pro tip: you can simulate mobile devices on your desktop with Chrome and Safari.