For companies with a global audience, it’s essential to be able to communicate with consumers in their respective languages.

Whether your product is on shelves in Japan, Argentina, Denmark, the United States, or somewhere else across the globe — and regardless of the language the person holding your product speaks — you want to be able to curate relationships and give consumers the value-added content that a dynamic digital experience provides.

You can now include multiple languages in one Blue Bite Experience that can be displayed depending on a consumer’s location or phone settings. It’s the perfect way to ensure that you can always connect with the right consumer at the right time and in their preferred language.

How It Works

Brands don't need to create separate Experience files for each language. Instead, your translation source houses the different translations to ensure the right messaging at the right time  in the right language. This makes it easy to appeal to diverse, global audiences.

As a consumer scans a touchpoint technology like QR or NFC on their phone, the Experience pulls the appropriate language based on:

  • The user's phone settings (language default/preference)
  • Or the user's location

Brands can also add the option for the consumer to manually change the desired language within the experience themselves.

Benefits of a Multi-Language Support

Seamless multi-language management in one place: Any changes — whether it’s an update to one language or all of the variations your brand offers — can be managed in your translation source. As soon as they’re published, changes will immediately reflect in the Experience.

Easily integrate translations: Brands can easily manage translations via a CSV file. This makes it simple for brands working with translators or translators — who often send translations in this format — to offer their experiences in different languages.

Showcase stored images in respective languages: Store different images that will display in the consumer’s corresponding language. This is helpful when images contain text, as you can ensure the consumer sees the accompanying wording in the same language as the rest of their experience.

Multi-Language Experience in Action

Here’s a look at how Blue Bite’s Multi-Language tool looks in action for a leading fashion brand.

  • A consumer scans a QR code on a denim jacket tag in Japan: Using the user’s location, the Experience would launch in Japanese.
  • A consumer scans a QR code on the same denim jacket in the US: Based on the consumer’s location, the same Experience would launch in English.
  • A consumer with their language preferences set to Japanese scans a QR code on the same jacket in Paris: Based on the consumer’s language preferences, although their location would show they’re in Paris, France, the Experience would launch in Japanese, the consumer’s preferred language.
Jun 27, 2022



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