New Blue Bite Features: H1 2021

The first half of 2021 was one of the most exciting times in Blue Bite history, primarily because of two milestones:

  1. Blue Bite is now part of Markem-Imaje
  2. We released a major redesign to the Blue Bite platform

What does this mean for you?

Blue Bite now works even better for you. The updated platform is easier to use and more powerful than ever before. And with the acquisition by Markem-Imaje, Blue Bite has the resources to continue to evolve the platform at a faster rate and serve you better in the process.

And that’s not all.

There were additional features released during the first half of 2021 that we’re excited to tell you about as well. Check out the Blue Bite Studio updates below and see how it’s even easier to create dynamic digital experiences that thrill consumers.

Build and Modify Experiences Easier than Ever with Copy and Paste Functionality

Working in the studio has never been easier than with advanced ability to copy and paste components. Not only can you copy and paste components and wrappers within a studio file, you can even copy and paste across studio files. You can copy one component at a time, or use shift-select to copy multiple sequential components and wrappers at the same time.

Build Transparency and Trust with GS1 Protocol Support

Your brand can now tap into industry standard GS1 URL structures to build even more trust with your consumers.

“GS1 empowers industry’s digital transformation by enabling businesses to create a digital version of a product that is as good as the physical one,” writes GS1. This includes standardized tracking throughout the supply chain.

Now brands can bring that transparency to consumers with Blue Bite. Show consumers the progress of a product throughout its lifecycle.

More Customization with Custom Fonts

Because you can now add code to the header and body of Studio Experience, you can also customize your experiences by adding custom fonts.

This functionality has also opened up javascript injection, ad tracking pixel injection and tag manager integration.

Additional New Studio Features

Form Auto Submit

With new form auto submit, you can now send information to your CRM or other connected database without the need for a consumer to submit a form. This opens a wide array of possibilities for experience builders.

More Powerful Macros

  • Employ a wider array of mathematical functions by leveraging * and / as operators in macros.
  • Take even more control of text customization in the experience with the Split String Macro.  

More HTML Styles Available

You have more flexibility to style content in a more custom way now that HTML styles are now accessible through snippet components in the studio.

Jul 20, 2021



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