Coming off one of the most exciting half years in Blue Bite history, we didn’t slow down during the final six months of 2021. 

Below you’ll find a sampling of the new features and improvements that make Blue Bite work even better for you. It’s now easier than ever to connect directly with consumers through personalized mobile experiences. 

Branded Experience URL

Blue Bite customers can now leverage their own branded domains for their Blue Bite experiences. Lending more authority to experiences, this gives you increased options to manage ownership of hosting and better future-proof your catalogs of enabled products by owning the URLs encoded to your objects. Additionally, branded domains allow for easier scaling to larger swaths of their product catalogs.

Finally, this feature provides even more brand protection as another deterrent to counterfeiting. 

Custom Columns

In the Blue Bite Dashboard, you can now create a custom view of columns that will display each time you visit, putting the information most relevant to you front and center every time you log in. If you have multiple projects in your Dashboard, you can customize each project with a different view.

The new customization options allow you to:

  • Add custom columns based on any key field available across associated objects.
  • Remove any column within the object list view.
  • Move or rearrange within the object list view.
  • Reset custom columns to the default columns.  

New and Improved Macros

We’ve added a slew of new macro options to give you even more customization options and control over your experiences. The new options you can now access include:

Array Literal Macro

Learn more about Array Literals in this Mozilla reference.

Regular Expression Macro

You can now perform regular expressions on strings in your macros. See a list of macro functions RegEx can be applied to.

String Index Macro

See the string index macro syntax and description on the List of Macros page.

Touchpoint Macros

Glean more data about your touchpoint and the information stored there. Touchpoints are the technologies consumers use to launch a Blue Bite experience. For physical items, this is usually an NFC tag, a QR code, a barcode or an image scan. For digital properties, this may be launched by a website button. 

Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) Macro Support

The ability to access UUIDs in your tags allows you to:

  • Display unique tag IDs in Experiences
  • Use them as identifiers in web analytics to add to the customization options
  • Enhance your ability to create and view more granular reporting
Jan 27, 2022



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