An Improved Blue Bite

Some of the most exciting improvements took place behind the scenes in Q4 2020 as we worked on a major redesign of the Blue Bite platform, released in January 2021. The result is a faster, easier to use and more efficient Blue Bite that we’re excited to share with you.

You can read more about the specifics of this overhaul in our press release.

But there were lots of additional features released during the last quarter of 2020 that we’re excited to tell you about, as well. The Blue Bite Studio updates below make it even easier to create dynamic digital experiences that thrill consumers. 

Work Faster with the Ability to Copy and Paste Components

Blue Bite Studio workflows are significantly more efficient now that you can copy and paste components and wrappers. The new feature provides a means to easily recreate a Studio element within the same studio file or to any studio files across organizations that you have access to. 

When you copy and paste wrappers, any nested wrappers or components will also be pasted to the new location. However, anytime a wrapper or component is pasted, it will receive a new and unique Component ID.

More Efficient Notifications

New popup modals in the Blue Bite Studio now display messages to you without losing the context of the page you’re on. This improvement makes Experience building more efficient with less interruptions to your workflow.

Examples of messages you may see in the Studio:

  • Action Confirmations (eg. “Are you sure you would like to delete this experience?”)
  • Error Messages 

Updated Instagram Connectivity

One of the most useful components in the Studio is the ability to connect to Instagram and add posts to your dynamic digital Experience. This connectivity has been updated to correspond with new Instagram protocols to ensure these posts will continue to be shown.

Fortunately, this doesn’t require updates on your side, and you’ll see no change in your workflow.

Jan 18, 2021



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