All the new and updated Blue Bite features released during the winter and early spring of 2019 make it even easier to provide impressive dynamic, personalized experiences directly to consumers.

What’s New?

1 - Blue Bite is Even Faster than Before

With improved caching, experience pages load up to 20% faster. Backend improvements result in 56% faster page loads, allowing you to get more work done in less time.

Blue Bite experiences now load faster than ever

2 - Better Studio Experience Organization with Wrapper Collapse and Component Naming

Expand and collapse controls for wrapper components (like Sections and Forms) to make it easier to navigate and manage your Experiences. Consolidate content in the canvas view to find what you're looking for faster.  

Additionally, better organize your experiences builds with improved naming options for components in the Studio.

Blue Bite Studio Experience updates

3 - More Photo Gallery Design Options

Customize experiences even more with new photo gallery options. Define the number of rows and columns to gain more control over the size and spacing of gallery elements. Log into the Studio Experience and to try out these new features.

Blue Bite Gallery Design improvements

4 - Improved Social Media Integration

Better integration for Instagram, Twitter and YouTube components brings a better experience to consumers. These changes not only make these components more stable, but also cut social media load times in half.

Blue Bite social media enhancements

5 - Simplified Enablement Process with UID Support

Objects can now be created or updated on enablement, rather than through pre-encoding. Simplified enablement means you can spend more time creating experiences.

Simplified Enablement Process with UID Support

6 - Support for Tamper NFC Tags

Blue Bite now works with Tamper NFC tags. Tamper tags act as a digital seal that reports alterations. For example, a tamper tag on a bottle of wine can change content based on if the bottle has been opened or not, opening up new experience possibilities.

Support for Tamper NFC Tags
May 1, 2019



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