Our newest features help you create more robust experiences faster, provide better interaction data and manage organizations more systematically.

1 - Experience Studio Master Data Support

We’ve built a new master data import feature which now enables experiences to support product master data. Data such as SKUs, attributes, and pricing can be combined with tag data to create richer, more contextual experiences.

  • Before: Experiences could only support tag data
  • Now: Experiences can integrate larger master data files

2 - Better Experience Form Submission

The Studio form component now supports asynchronous form submissions for faster verified user experiences. Page refresh is no longer required by users when submitting forms, and users can continue browsing verified experiences without interruption.

  • Before: form submission only worked on regular tags and required page reloads
  • Now: forms can be submitted on verified tags without interruption

3 - Location Based Experience Content

Studio creators now have configuration options to request GPS coordinates from end-user devices. This means you can now serve personalized content based on location. Three new configurations means you can watch a user’s location (to provide guidance to nearest store), define a fixed GPS coordinate (to see distance between user and store location), and call for the user’s last known coordinates (so you can serve content based on that location).

  • Before: You couldn’t serve content based on location data
  • Now: You can

4 - Google Analytics Integration

Gain greater insights on users with our Google Analytics integration. Now you have access to a whole new user data set that allows you to track the number of user experience visits, page views, and what content they interacted with.

  • Before: Analytics were limited to location, device and time.
  • Now: Analytics give a greater overview of the kinds of content that is enticing audiences.

5 - Rules Based Experiences

Now you can serve content based on tag variables. For example: deliver two different types of experiences based on user behavior.

  • Before: Serve the same experience to a single audience.
  • Now: Serve unique experiences based on user behavior.

6 - Dashboard Integrators

We now support Integrators, companies that manage experiences for other organizations. Integrators are technology or manufacturing companies that use reporting and automated enablement functionalities to make it faster and more efficient to onboard data.

  • Before: Integrators had to login as organizations to update experiences
  • Now: Integrators can bulk create and update tags in an automated way across organizations from one account.

7 - Improved Dashboard Reporting

Reporting now covers additional tag attributes like tag type (e.g., QR, NFC - Rolling Code, NFC-Tamper, etc) and verification status. Gain a more granular view of which tag types are driving more interactions and discover where fraud may be occurring.

  • Before: Generic reporting
  • Now: Obtain robust reporting based on a number of attributes

8 - Control How Long Verified Taps Remain Active

Exert more control over verified experiences with new configuration options that let you define how long a verified tap remains valid. This feature helps to prevent unauthorized link sharing and preserves the integrity of your exclusive content.

  • Before: exclusive links could be shared with unauthorized recipients
  • Now: links maintain validity for a time period set by organization, preserving content integrity

9 - Decode Android Authentication

Decode is now available for Android to authenticate products. This extends the user-base that can verify product authenticity with a tap.

  • Before: only iOS users could utilize Decode to authenticate products.
  • Now: Android users can use Decode to authenticate products.

Dec 18, 2018



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