Better, faster, more-robust. We have been busy launching features that make it easier for you to acquire customers across sales channels, engage them with improved localization and enable your objects with a single dual-frequency tag. Learn more below. 

Studio Macros are Even More Powerful

Improved Language Localization 

Speak to consumers in their native tongue with our new device browser Macros. Automatically display localized versions of experiences based on a consumer’s browser language setting. Connecting with consumers across the globe has never been easier.

New Math and Conditional Logic

Create rich experiences that include calculated values, enabling new possibilities for gamification. With the addition of new math and conditional logic functions, you can easily add dynamic logic to content —  including mathematical functions.

More Power Data Processing

We’ve enhanced the object data model for studio macros, and now you can call data in more complex JSON files like arrays. Macros will be able to call data you’ve provided via an API and display it for the consumer.

Hubspot CRM Support

Acquiring customers across sales channels and understanding their needs has never been easier. We have integrated the Experience Studio with HubSpot — one of the world’s most popular CRMs — allowing you to easily and securely capture customer PII data from within an experience and store that information within your existing HubSpot database.

Get step-by-step instructions in our tutorial, "Using Studio Forms with Hubspot."

A Chip That Can Do Both NFC and RFID

Tag products once and track them throughout the supply chain using RFID, and then engage consumers with phone-readable NFC — all from a single embedded chip. Blue Bite now supports the EM Echo V chip's dual frequency NFC and RFID functionality. It’s easier than ever to simply and inexpensively make the most of digitalizing your products.

iOS13 and Android 9.0 Compatibility

After a round of updates, Decode now fully supports both iOS 13 and Android 9.0. Get the apps today in their respective app stores:

Nov 27, 2019



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