New features, documentation and templates make Blue Bite even better and easier to use.

Templates: Building Blocks for the Experience Studio

Blue Bite Experience Studio

When you log in to the experience studio, you may notice some new template Experiences in your account. These templates illustrate many of the different features and components that can be used in your own studio experiences. Explore these experiences to gather new ideas and inspiration for your own experiences.

The List: New and Updated Features

Include Multiple Types of Forms

Multi-form Support
For more complex experiences, you now can add and reference multiple forms. Now you can utilize a variety of different forms -- newsletter sign-ups, product registrations, product reviews and more -- all in one experience.

Create More Personalized Experiences

Form Submission Response Support
For studio forms configured to connect with external APIs, now data can be returned from those systems (CRMs, for example) and used to dynamically populate content in an experience. As a result, consumers can now enjoy more personalized experiences after registering a product, since the information provided can be served back as dynamic content (all without having their personal information stored as individual tag data). How to use the Studio's Form Component with HubSpot is a step-by-step example of this feature.

Prioritize Important Content

Master Data Pre-loading
Eager or lazy loading of master data is now a configurable option, allowing you to control when your experience data loads. This can help improve performance of page loads and allow you to prioritize important content.

Use More Data for Content Logic

Advanced Interaction Data Macros
Additional device and tag data is now available for use in content logic and Events components. In addition to geo-location from a device's GPS device, you can access the IP address and pivot content off of latitude/longitude, country code, postal code and more from the IP. Unique device IDs and interaction technology can also be read as well as other tag specific data like status, DMA, venue name and more.

Process Files Faster

Batch Enablement File Processing
Efficiency improvements to Blue Bite’s automated enablement tools allow for faster processing.

Leverage More Data for the SDK

Advanced Interaction Data
In order to help you create more contextually relevant object experiences, there's now more information in the object management SDK. If you're leveraging the SDK for native and web apps, data like Unique device ID, tag status, DMA, venue name, latitude/longitude and more is now available.

Video: Introduction to the Experience Studio

If you’re new to the Experience Studio, check out our new five minute introduction video that explains the basics of getting started on building your first studio experience. Stay tuned for additional video resources coming soon that will explore different aspects and features of the Studio, from beginner tips to advanced functionality.

Jul 1, 2019



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