CPG detergent brand Sparkle illustrates how a Blue Bite-powered digital experience establishes a new kind of direct sales channel with consumers — using product commerce.

Product commerce is when a direct sales channel is attached directly to your most valuable touchpoint, the product. Digitalizing products not only allows for a better consumer experience, but easily allows Sparkle to communicate and sell direct to consumer. 

Scan the QR code below to launch this example experience to see how it works, and read on for more on how this example experience adds value to products.

Turn Physical Products into Digital Sales Channels

Like many CPG products, Sparkle laundry detergent is a product consumers will continuously need. Make it easier for them to reorder by turning the detergent container itself into a sales channel.

Start with the “Tap to Repurchase” call to action, letting consumers know they can reorder their product simply by tapping the NFC tag on the container with their phone — no more running out of detergent, no more running to the store. Encouraging consumers to rebuy your product has never been easier. 

Because Blue Bite-powered experiences are item-level specific, the experience launched by this tap displays the exact product the consumer scanned. Repurchasing is as simple as choosing the quantity and tapping “Add to Cart.” 

Never before have CPG brands been able to so easily sell direct to consumer.

A Direct Connection to Consumers

But this Blue Bite experience isn’t simply a sales channel. After you’ve incentivized consumers to scan the NFC tag and reorder the product, use the opportunity to get more information from them to establish a direct connection — including consumer information — CPG brands are not usually privy to. 

In this case, Sparkle incentivizes consumers to provide their contact information with a form that enters them into a contest to win free detergent. 

Blue Bite passes this information along to an existing CRM, allowing brands to build their database and connect with consumers in a variety of ways. No longer lose contact with end consumers when you ship products to retailers.

Inform and Engage

Sparkle also uses this connection to provide value to consumers with the “How to Use Laundry Capsules in HE Machines” video. This exclusive content provides more detailed and specific information than labeling or even a static website can.

Because Blue Bite-powered experiences are specific to products, this video displays when a consumer scans the detergent designed for High Efficiency washers. If a consumer scanned the detergent made for standard washers, they would see a video with specific instructions for that standard washers.

Best of all, Sparkle doesn’t have to build a new experience to host that separate video. Instead, they manage the options in the Blue Bite Dashboard and let the contextual nature of the experience take care of the rest. 

Encourage Social Shares

Blue Bite offers a more effective way for CPG brands to reach consumers directly than social media, where posts too often get lost in the noise. But it can also encourage use of social media in a way that benefits both consumers and CPG brands.

Sparkle incentivizes social engagement by allowing consumers to send a free sample to their friends. This not only encourages social shares, but also allows Sparkle to offer its new direct sales channel to new consumers.

Notes About This Example Experience

To use this example experience as a template, you'll need to have it added to your Blue Bite Studio and replace the existing information with your brand content. Contact us for more on how to access and customize this template.

Jul 30, 2020
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