This example experience features the CPG brand Trinki Tea, and illustrates how you can use a Blue Bite-powered digital experience to get consumers involved in your sustainability initiatives. This allows you to see a real example of the advantages of digitalizing your physical products, and it also functions as a template you can use to build your own experiences.

Scan the QR code below to launch the experience, then read on for more on how this example experience adds value to products.

Get Consumers Involved with Your Sustainability Initiatives

It’s easy for brands to talk a good game on sustainability; Blue Bite gets consumers involved as you push your sustainability initiatives forward. 

When consumers scan a QR code on a Trinki Tea bottle with their phone, they launch the Blue Bite-powered experience. The “Let’s Recycle!” banner grabs attention by illustrating how much of an impact recycling just one bottle can have on the environment. Even better, when a consumer clicks the banner’s CTA, they are directed to the recycling center nearest them. Because Blue Bite experiences are contextual based on the location of the user’s device, the experience is inherently personalized with this information. 

It’s never been easier for brands to get consumers involved in sustainability initiatives to make a measurable impact. 

One Experience Build, A Wide Variety of Products

The experience is also personalized when it recognizes the exact product the consumer scans. Trinki Tea doesn’t have to create a new experience for each variety of tea; instead, they create one experience and manage the different product specifics in the Blue Bite Dashboard

For instance, the consumer in this example experience scanned a 20 oz. bottle of Hibiscus Lemon Herbal Tea. If they later scan a bottle of Unsweetened Black Tea, they will see information for that drink variety in the experience. Trinki Tea, however, only had to build one experience — the information is customized depending on which product is scanned.

Enable Product Commerce

Having each experience customized to the product a consumer scans allows you to turn that specific product into a new direct sales channel. 

In this case, after learning more about the product they just scanned, consumers are prompted to “Order More.” There’s no longer a need to revisit a store or even search through a traditional ecommerce site to find the product to reorder — consumers simply add the exact product they hold to an online cart with one tap. 

Promote Additional Products

Trinki Tea not only uses this digital experience to promote reorders of the product consumers have already purchased, it also promotes additional Trinki Tea varieties. Near the bottom of the experience, consumers are prompted to “Swipe to Explore Our Collections,” which introduces additional teas. 

Consumers are then able to purchase these products easily with one tap, widening the direct sales opportunities of the experience. 

CPG Brands are No Longer Disconnected from End Consumers

CPG brands have long had trouble creating direct connections with consumers; after products are sent to retailers to be sold, brands lose touch with the products and therefore lose the opportunity to connect with consumers. This is no longer the case when Blue Bite-powered experiences like this one reach consumers directly and create a simple direct-to-consumer sales channel

Tell Your Brand Story

Trinki Tea also uses this experience to tell their brand story, through the “Our Story” and “How We Make Our Beverages” dropdowns. Once again, the brand has a venue to provide more information about both the brand and the exact product the consumer holds. They do this without taking up valuable real estate on the label and without relying on the consumer taking the initiative to visit a static website that’s not customized to the product.

Notes About This Example Experience

Blue Bite customers can use this example as a template for you own experiences. Contact us for more on how to access and customize this template and have it added to your Blue Bite Studio.

Jul 22, 2020
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