The Naturlia CPG beauty brand illustrates how easy it is for brands to protect both their consumers and their brand. Scan the QR code below to explore how product authentication works in Blue Bite-powered digital experiences. This also serves as a template Blue Bite customers can use as a base for their own brand protection experiences. 

Offer Peace of Mind with Product Authentication

Nothing gets closer to consumers than skincare products, and consumers need to know what ingredients are in skin care products and that the products are authentic and directly from the brand. 

Naturlia offers this with a Blue Bite-powered experience that confirms that the product is authentic. The “Naturlia Verified Product” message is the first thing consumers see after they scan the NFC tag on the verified product with their phone. 

Because the NFC tag has a unique ID, the product can only be verified once by the product owner; if a counterfeiter tries to use this ID or URL again, the experience will return a message letting the user know the product cannot be verified.

Keep Consumers Engaged

After authentication, Naturlia doesn’t waste the consumer’s attention. Instead, the brand immediately keeps the consumer engaged by moving directly into the advantages of the product and specifics on how to use it effectively.

MegaMoisture Restorative Facial Oil has very specific instructions on how many drops to use and how long to leave the product on the skin. Other Naturlia products have different how-to instructions, and since Blue Bite-powered experiences are item-specific, every product displays information customized to the product scanned. 

The experience also features a video that tells even more about the specific ingredients. While consumers of CPG products may not often take the initiative to visit a website and watch product videos, adding them to an experience that the consumer is already incentivized to engage with is a great way to get content seen that may otherwise be lost.

Connect Directly

Keeping consumers engaged with the experience is only the beginning, Naturlia takes the opportunity to invite consumers to learn even more about the brand and the products offered by inviting them to schedule a personalized skincare consultation.

Not only does this provide a new way for the brand to form a personal connection with the consumer, it gives them the opportunity to introduce additional products as well. 

Sell Directly

After informing the consumer about other products that would complement their purchase, the consumer can find these very products by tapping “Related Products.” Brands can use a similar section to link to their own website shopping cart to enable one-tap purchasing, encouraging additional purchases. 

Notes About This Example Experience

To use this example experience as a template, you'll need to have it added to your Blue Bite Studio and replace the existing information with your brand content. Contact us for more on how to access and customize this template.

Aug 14, 2020
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