Check out everything we shipped during the second quarter of 2020.

Blue Bite Studio Updates

Easily Add a Cookie Consent Banner to Experiences

We’ve added a cookie consent banner component you can add to your Blue Bite experiences in three easy steps. The banners prompt consumers to accept the cookies used by the experiences. 

See more information, as well as illustrated instructions on how to add this component to your experiences,  in our tutorial, How To Add A Cookie Banner To Your Blue Bite Experience.

Even More Flexbox Capabilities

In our previous Blue Bite quarterly update, we announced the addition of flexbox wrapper capabilities. This update improves those capabilities with the ability to manage the flexbox styles of child components in the section wrappers.

The studio components now enable additional style options when a text, image, snippet or form wrapper is added as a child component to a section wrapper.  

Build Experiences Faster

When you are building digital experiences in the Blue Bite Studio, you’ll now find the details and palette pane stays visible as you scroll through the experience file. This makes working on large experience files easier and faster by eliminating the need to scroll to the top to change the details in the palette.

Blue Bite Dashboard Updates

Add Tag Variable Options

Make your experiences even more personalized and collect more analytics data from users. 

You can now add up to 30 tag variables to each object in the Blue Bite Dashboard, up from 10 variables previously. This allows you to capture more information from a consumer’s experience and store it at an object level.

Extended Tamper Tag Support

Blue Bite now offers more advanced authentication and tamper functionality with the support of NXP DNA 424 NFC tags. Authentication is an important element of the brand protection offered by Blue Bite, and the new chip generation of the DNA 424 tags provides even more security. 

The tags also report when they are tampered with, offering another facet of security for brands. For example, a tag across the seal of a wine bottle reports when it has been broken so consumers know the product they will consume has not been tampered with in any way.

Behind the Scenes Improvements

And as always, there were also plenty of behind-the-scenes improvements to make sure experiences, the Studio and the Dashboard run as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Jul 20, 2020



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