Many of the new features released this quarter are part of our continual improvement of the Blue Bite Studio. The updates below make it even easier to create dynamic digital experiences that will surprise and delight consumers. 

Improved Experience Accessibility with Alt Text

To help ensure all consumers can access brand experiences, the Blue Bite Studio now supports more accessibility with the ability to add alternate text to images. This makes images in the experience accessible “to people who cannot see and use a screen reader that reads aloud the information on a page, including the alt text for the visual image,” according to W3C

Added Cookie Consent Options

As an update to our easy-to-use Cookie Consent Banner component released earlier this year, new functionality allows consumers to change their cookie consent to give them more control over their privacy when using experiences. 

New Options for the Delay Component

The delay component offers some of the most powerful functionality in the Blue Bite Studio — and it just got more powerful. Now you can configure the delay to trigger before or after an event, providing more flexibility in your digital experience. 

Unlimited Characters Available for Form Submissions

Forms are also more powerful, as the character limit on the form body template has been removed, allowing you to include as much detail as needed in a form submission.

Easily Reference Component IDs across Multiple Forms 

Working with features like forms has never been easier now that you can easily reference Component IDs in the Blue Bite Studio Editor. Having this ID readily at hand makes working across multiple forms easier than ever before. 

Easily Format and Set Strings Across All Macros 

You can now easily format or set strings across all macros within a Studio Experience file at once. Learn more about the power of macros

Behind the Scenes Improvements 

And as always, there were also plenty of behind-the-scenes improvements to make sure experiences, the Studio and the Dashboard run as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Stay tuned for some big announcements on many of these behind-the-scenes improvements soon…

Oct 27, 2020



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