This documentation is for our current platform, hosted at If you are still using the Object Manager or Studio to manage your Blue Bite account, please see our Legacy Documentation.

Google Analytics

The Studio integrates with Google Analytics (GA) to provide a free and easy way to track consumer engagement within Experiences. With our GA integration, you can track consumer behavior, including click activity on Image, Button and Action components. Additionally, you can look at metrics like time on page, sessions, average session duration, average page views and more.

Enabling Google Analytics Within an Experience

  • Navigate to Google Analytics → Admin → Data Streams, and find your measurement ID (for GA4, it will look like G-123456789).
  • In the Studio, open your experience and navigate to the Settings menu. Choose the "Analytics" sub-menu.
  • Enable Analytics via the toggle.
  • Input your Measurement ID and save the Experience.
  • GA will begin tracking page views and click events for the cookie banner.
Google Analytics Measurement IDs

You can configure your experience to report to up to 5 Analytics properties. All properties will receive the same page view and click event data.

Global Event Parameters

Global Event Parameters can be used to send additional details with all events that occur on your experience.

For example, it's common to include data points like project name, object identifiers and object attributes (e.g. product size, color and description) as parameters on all GA events reported from a given experience.

Google Analytics Global Event Parameters

To configure Global Event Parameters:

  • From the Analytics Settings menu, add an event parameter. Populate the event parameter value. Click Save.
  • Populate the event parameter name (e.g. "my_project"). Parameter names should not include spaces, and are case-sensitive.
  • Populate the event parameter value (e.g. "My Project Name"). Parameter values can be static text, or macro expressions.
  • Save the Experience.
  • The Event Parameters configured in Global Event Parameters will be included with all events reported to Google Analytics.
Tip: In GA4, you can create Custom Dimensions for each Global Event Parameter to improve readability for your reporting. See here for more information about best practices.

Component Configurations

In addition to Global Event Parameters, Button, Action and Image components can be configured to report click events to Google Analytics.

Once Analytics has been enabled on your experience, you will see a new "Analytics" tab in the Component Details menu. There are three ways you can configure your component to report to Google Analytics.

  • None: no events are reported to Google Analytics for this component.
  • Default: events are reported to Google Analytics using the Blue Bite recommended event details.
  • Custom: events are reported to Google Analytics using user-input event details.

GDPR Compliance

We have some restrictions applied to experiences that have the cookie banner enabled in order to comply with the GDPR and other data privacy regulations. If your experiences have the cookie banner enabled, analytics data will not be collected until the consumer expressly accepts the cookie banner terms.

Once the consumer has accepted the Cookie Banner, page view and cookie consent acceptance events will be sent to Google Analytics. If the user revokes consent, Analytics tracking will be disabled.

Segmenting Internal Traffic

When reporting to GA4, you are also able to filter event data from preview interactions. The Experience Studio automatically reports traffic_type for all events reported to GA4.

When previewing from the Object Manager, traffic_type will be dashboard_preview; When previewing from the Experience Studio, traffic_type will be studio_preview.