This documentation is for our current platform, hosted at If you are still using the Object Manager or Studio to manage your Blue Bite account, please see our Legacy Documentation.

Object Manager

The three main pillars of Blue Bite’s Platform are object management, analytics and content management. The object management and analytics tools are both housed in the Blue Bite Object Manager.

Log into the Object Manager to manage your account, gain high level insights into user interactions with your objects, and create and edit your digital objects.

Tip: To learn more about our content management services, see the Studio overview.

Accessing Your Account

Access your account page by clicking your name on the upper left side navigation bar; you can also use this link. Here you may change your personal account settings, reset your password, view your subscription plan, and view your invoices.

Introduction to the Object Manager

When you first log in, you're greeted at the Dashboard view with an at-a-glance window into consumer engagement happening across all projects. Total Interactions measures the total visits  (raw taps and scans) across objects, Activations measures the unique number of objects in your catalog that have been engaged, and Unique Users measures the total reach (number of unique mobile devices which have tapped or scanned).

Aggregate charts are included that visualize performance by location, type and audience. Use the drop-down menu located at the top right of each aggregate chart to change its scope.

Scroll further down the homepage to view a map of activity. Click on a number and the map drills down to a more specific location.

Finally, total interactions over time histogram visualizes engagement over a date range. You can configure this information from as small a segment as by the hour to as large as by the year.

Learn more about Projects, Objects and Touchpoints below, three primary elements of the Object Manager, below.


Projects are a type of collection used to group related Objects and Experiences together. Projects track and aggregate activity metrics across all Objects within the collection and display that activity in collection-specific dashboard visualizations that can be used by managers to get a sense of the success of specific campaigns.

Go to the Projects Page to learn more about Projects and how to organize them.


Objects are unique digital ID's stored in the Object Manager that represent either serialized (a single) or non-serialized (multiple) physical items. Each object in the object manager is assigned its own universally unique identifier (UUID) and will ultimately house all the attributes, identifiers and digital Experiences related and assigned to that physical thing.

Go to the Objects Page to learn more about Objects and how to use them.


Touchpoints represent the interaction point for an object such as a QR code or an NFC chip. Many touchpoints can exist on one object and each touchpoint can route to a unique URL or experience curated in Blue Bite’s Studio.

Go to the Touchpoints Page to learn more about Touchpoints and how to use them.